Scariest Haunted Houses

The world’s most famous haunted houses in Spain, the United States, Argentina, and Chile are some of the most spooky ghost stories.As we prepare to celebrate a new Halloween, we want to make you feel a little chill. Before you go for sweets in various houses, we recommend that you know the history of the places, you may find yourself with some haunted house like the ones the ABC newspaper showed us on
Thursday. A large number of places where heinous crimes have been committed, mistreated by people, or performed satanic rituals.

Here are some of the scariest houses in the world: – Amityville’s house Located on Ocean Avenue (Amityville, New York) this house is one of the most classic. In it came the bloody events that inspired the film “”Terror in Amityville“”. In this house, the DeFeo family was killed in 1974 by their eldest son, who murdered with a rifle while their parents and four siblings were
sleeping. The following year the Lutz family bought the house, but before the end of the month, they had to leave after noticing strange events and even claimed that they woke up at the time when the crimes were

Hacienda Myrtles tells the legend that in this house of Louisiana live 12 spirits. Two of them the most “”active””, that of an employee executed after poisoning her patrons and that of one of her later owners, in the eighteenth century, William Drew Winter, who was killed and who is supposed to live since. Guests of what is now a hotel claim that there are things that change places and that even the piano plays


Loftus Hall. This house is located in County Wexford, Ireland.
Legend has it that it belonged to the Redmond family in 1345. Legend has it that one day, the young woman in the house received a stranger who needed help. After eating and offering him company, she noticed that the man had a horse leg, which was a symbol that he was a
monster. He escaped leaving a hole through the roof while the woman died within hours of astonishment.
Over time, it was said that the house was haunted and that the spirit of young Anna, still circulating through her

Located in the De la Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires, this house stands out among the others for having an
imposing tower. Legend has it that there was a young woman named Clementina, who decided to put her painting studio in the tower.
After a journalist went to photograph the paintings, the woman died after falling off the
balcony. After revealing the photos, the professional realized that there were some gnomes in the main painting.
In the face of this fact, he sought out the former owner of the house, who confirmed that strange beings lived in the tower that had eventually become violent. Currently, the owners claim that voices are heard and that things disappear.

Boleskine House on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland is this house, Boleskine House. History goes that in this place, there was a church that was burned but with the parishioners inside. Years later, Aleister Crowley, a magician known as “”The Black Wizard””, settled at the site, who performed satanic rituals. To this day they say they hear regrets and that the place is visited by the forces of evil.

The Palace of
Linares In Madrid is the Palace of Linares, which is currently the House of America. The discovery of a body when the house was restored in 1990 uncovered a terrible story that occurred at the turn of the
century. It tells the story that Joseph, in love with a tobacco saleswoman’s daughter, wanted to marry her. After the father’s refusal, he waited for the father to die to do so. Later he discovered, through a letter written by Matthew de Murga, that the young woman was his illegitimate daughter.
The young, crazed man repudiated his wife and murdered his little daughter by hiding her in a chest behind a wall. They say the spirit of Raimunda wanders around the house looking for her mother. You can hear the “”My mother, where is my mother!”” down the halls.

Located on the corner of City Hall and Mapocho streets, in the commune of Quinta Normal, this house that now it’s a Cultural Center that has a particular paranormal history. Those who have suffered the fear in this house claim that it is a girl that is most frightened. The appearance of silhouettes, cuts of light, and a strange smell make many run out of the place. History indicates that the house was built by the French engineer, AndrĂ©s Dubois, but it is unclear whether it was he who would have committed heinous punishments against his wife. Neighbors claim that a woman’s silhouette is seen on the third level.