Scary Games

Every 31 October in October worldwide Halloween is celebrated, a date on which worship of the dead, the dreads and witches are celebrated. However, thousands of young people enjoy Halloween dressing up or taking to the streets to order candy. Others, on the other hand, prefer to stay at home and enjoy video games to have a good time.
Today, horror games are a good option to be afraid of. In addition, the tension generated is also valid to enjoy in the company of family and friends, although then no one dares to take the control command.

We present to you the best scary and suspense video games that exist in the market and for you to spend a chilling day:

Dead Space

The psychological terror more present than ever. Dead Space is a trilogy of horror and sci-fi video games that placed us in 2508 when humans are already able to extract minerals from other planets.
About the plot, in Dead Space, we will take on the role of Isaac Clarke, an engineer charged with confronting some alien beasts that have mutated due to the mining activities of humans.

Siren: Blood Curse

Japanese terror always has that sinister point that fans of the genre love, and Siren: Blood Curse is a good example of how far the Pinithins can go to the clip to fill us with terror.

Alan Wake

The already mythical Alan Wake is one of those adventures for which we will always sigh for a sequel. The story of this writer and his particular descent into hell became one of the best games of the last generation.

Resident Evil

One of the franchises par excellence in horror-related topics: Resident Evil. Although the saga has been moving away from the horror of survival with some games (Resident Evil 6, for example), in recent years, it has returned to the path of fear with the successful Resident Evil 2 Remake or Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.

Layers of Fear

Psychological terror, a great way to take advantage of the soundtrack and a multitude of scares, make us forget that Layers of Fear is one of those games in which you walk more than you play and that its duration is quite limited. That doesn’t mean you’re going to get over it like you’re magic.