About Haunted Acres

Haunted Acres started out as a haunted house at Pine Acres Campground in the mid-1980's. It was set up by seasonal campers and operated only one night per season. As word of the quality of the attraction circulated among local townspeople, they began to line up for the one night show. Soon Haunted Acres expanded with a mile long guided nightmare walk and hayride. Through the early 90's, Haunted Acres continued to be one of New Hampshire’s favorite haunts. In 1994, the property upon which the attraction was located was sold; however, in 1997, the campers and staff of Pine Acres reopened Haunted Acres as a haunted house, hayride, and nightmare walk, now evolving into one of New England’s favorite haunts. By 2005, Haunted Acres needed a bigger and better location with room for expansion. A group of employees bought Haunted Acres and moved the attraction to a remote field and densely wooded area at the back of New England Dragway. In this setting, guests were literally taken back in time to the 1860's.
Haunted Acres
Today, Haunted Acres is New England’s most terrifying and exciting haunted attraction. After having scared our guests half to death for 6 years in Epping, we have moved to Candia, New Hampshire. Along with our new location comes a new theme – “Area 52” – and great changes and more to offer. Our 5th attraction, “The Graveyard of the Damned”, joins a new Maze from Hell that is so dark and disorienting that you may never get out. The Haunted Houses have been revamped, and the famous Haunted Acres 1/4 mile Nightmare Walk is darker and more evil than ever before!
 Haunted Acres
It doesn’t stop there. We now feature a Maniac’s Midway area, with live bands, lots of food and ride vendors. Haunted Acres continues to maintain its reputation as the scariest, most terrifying, blood letting attraction in New England. Join us for the fright of your life!

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