New Hampshire’s Largest Halloween Attraction

New Hampshire’s Largest Halloween Attraction


The year is 1952, it’s the height of the Cold War, and “volunteers” are recruited from lunatic asylums throughout New England and brought to Area 52, a top secret facility in Candia, New Hampshire for heinous government experiments.

Some of those experiments resulted in devastating failures and frightening results.

The government insisted that these procedures and the secret “medical” facility in which they were conducted remain highly classified for all time.

Until now. Four hikers from Southern New Hampshire were recently lost in the woods, broke the locks on a door to what they thought was an abandoned warehouse, and made a hideous discovery inside.

The whereabouts of those four hikers are now unknown, but the gruesome experiments of 1952 have now been resumed, the facility is no longer a secret, and the deranged lunatics who were the subjects of those experiments are now roaming free throughout Area 52.

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